Cook & Clark Christmas Trees are a local family run business, who have been serving the local community for over 35 years.

The company was started by our grandfather, Arthur Cook, who would sell a few xmas trees alongside his hobby of growing and selling vegetables from his garden.  As an experienced gardener, Arthur was extremely fussy about the quality and appearance of his trees, so would only choose the trees that met his high standards. However, instead of charging customers for his trees, Arthur would often throw a coin and offer customers “heads or tails” as to whether they had to pay for their tree.  As a result, Arthur rarely made any money selling trees or his vegetables!  In fact, it was never really a business until a few years ago when Arthur passed away.

After Arthurs’ death, aged 93, his son Alan took over the pitch with his long-term friend Brian.  Due to the popularity of the pitch and the quality of Arthur’s trees, Alan and Brian were forced to plant more trees to meet the needs of our local customers.

Alan and Brian began sourcing sustainable plantations and are perfectionists in ensuring the trees offered met Arthur’s high standards.  To meet the needs of our customers, all trees come with the tree base freshly cut and ‘ready to fit’ into most tree stands.  Simply put, you will not find a better quality tree or a cheaper price.

We are a growing business and many of our local customers visit our local pitch as a family tradition.  We have customers who walk and bring their wheelbarrows as part of a family tradition and some who bring packed lunches and mulled wine, as well as their extended family.

We have twice daily deliveries of trees on the pitch throughout December and the pitch can get very busy.  However, our service is second to none.  We provide guidance on tree selection, tree care,  net and take your tree to your car for you as part of the service.

We look forwarding to welcoming all our customers (old and new) and value any feedback our customers have.

For questions or information on any of our products, please call us on 0118 437 6315 and we would be happy to help.